We are heirs of the Father,
We are joint-heirs with the son
We are people of His Kingdom,
We are family, we are one

We are washed we are sanctified
We are cleansed by His blood
We are born of His Spirit
We are children of the Lord

We are members of His body
We are perfected by His love
We're partakers of His holiness
We are citizens of heaven above

We are seed of our Father
We're elected by His grace
We're conformed in His likeness,
We have seen our Lord, face to face

We are Bride of the Bridegroom,
We are jewels in His crown.
We are part of the resurrection,
We were raptured at the trumpet sound

We now reign with Him forever
Men and angels, shout and sing
For dominion has been given
To the family of the King

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