Praise & Worship
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  1. Battle Hymn of The Bride..
  2. Beulah Land.
  3. He Walks With Me.
  4. Peace, Peace.
  5. Eagle Scream.
  6. El Shaddai Instrumental.
  7. He' The Mighty One That's In The Bride.
  8. It's Manifesting Time.
  9. Lead Me Lord.
  10. Oh My Loving Brother.
  11. Because Of You Lord.
  12. Behold I Live.
  13. Blessed Are Your Eyes.
  14. Emmanuel.
  15. Give Thanks.
  16. He Is Able.
  17. He's The Savior Of My Soul.
  18. I Am The Lord That Healeth Thee.
  19. I Love You Lord.
  20. I've Got So Much To Thank Him For.
  21. Jerusalem, New Jerusalem.
  22. Let The Book Live In Me.
  23. Little By Little, Day By Day.
  24. There's Never Been A Day Like This Day.
  25. We Are Standing On Holy Ground..
  26. I Have An Anchor.
  27. I Am Blessed.
  28. Let's Talk About Jesus.
  29. I've Been Changed.
  30. Praise Him, Praise Him.
  31. His Banner Over Me Is Love.
  32. He Rose Again.
  33. Elijah's God Is Here.
  34. Thou Art Worthy And Have Loosed The Seals.
  35. As The Deer Panteth For The Waters.
  36. Let Go And Let God.
  37. Holy Is Thy Name.
  38. Cover Me Lord.
  39. Please Let Me Walk With You Jesus.
  40. There's A Precious Hiding Place.
  41. I Worship You.
  42. He Is Here.
  43. We Are Heirs Of The Father.
  44. I Love Him For He Is Mine.
  45. It's The Life Behind The Name.
  46. It Is Love.
  47. This Is Like Heaven To Me.
  48. A Very Special Grace.
  49. Amazing Grace.
  50. Beulah Land [studio]
  51. Lo Eesa Goy El Goy Cherev.
  52. Shalom Jerusalem.
  53. Sheltered In The Arms Of God.
  54. Within The Veil.
  55. In The Garden.
  56. I Feel The Pull.
  57. In Times Like These.
  58. He Paid A Debt.
  59. Great Is The Lord
  60. Keep Me True
  61. Only Believe
  62. I Will Praise The Lord
  63. He Is Jehovah
  64. In The City Where The Lamb Is The Light
  65. All Heaven Declares
  66. Always There For Me
  67. Born Again
  68. El Shaddai
  69. When The Roll Was Called
  70. I Surrender All

Praise & Worship
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  1. He Has Returned
  2. He Loves You And Me


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